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Wholesale Harvest July 3

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Yesterday was our first harvest for wholesale.  We harvested for: 106 bags, 10lbs bulk, and 5 lbs bulk arugula.  The harvest, washing, labelling, and bagging and cleanup took both of us 4 hours (from 5:30 - 9:30).  Our plan is to harvest evenings when possible, but with the heat wave we're having right now, it had to shift.  As it was, the temperature at 5 am yesterday morning was 22 degrees celsius!

Here's a few photos: Jon mixing salad, 70 lbs of salad, ready to be bagged, and 1/2 of the orders that went out yesterday (these boxes went into the city, to Pete's Frootique Bedford, Local Source, Pete's Wolfville, and samples to the rest of the clients.  We had a bit leftover, and so are able to share with our friends and supporters.

Selling the mix at the Farmer's Market was less exciting than I thought it would be.  I had POS materials ready and printed beside the mix, but our label is very subtle and really overtaken by the colorful, recognizable TapRoot Farms label that is also on the bag.  People weren't distinguishing between the lettuce mix that TapRoot produced a few weeks ago, or the salad mix that Noggins carries, and our salad.  Oh well-- They are excited to see the TapRoot logo, and so we will ride those coattails a bit, I suppose.  The extra love and attention we've given our salad will hopefully come through in the flavour!

If you've bought a bag of our mix, and are now visiting our website and reading this post: Let us know what you think!  We think it is a heartier mix than most salad-- The type of lettuce we are growing makes for more mature leaves, meaning more crunch and flavour.  We've included a fair amount of different kales in the mix, which also make for a more substantial salad.  There is lots of colourful goodies in there too, and a tiny amount of flavourful arugula.  Email us at and share your feedback, we'd love to hear it!

Thanks for all your support in this project: by simply reading this post, you are helping support our goal of buying a farm!  If you are able to buy salad grown by us, all the better!



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