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Wedding over, time for Weeding!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

I've been feeling quite anxious about our salad mix this spring, only because I have been completely overwhelmed with other things (WEDDING!!) and so I have been neglectful and unable to spend the time I wanted to on this project.  We've got the wedding out of the way, so this weekend we tackled weeding, big time.  Here's a photo that shows our different strengths as farmers:

That's Jon on the tractor, using a tractor-mounted flame weeded to annihilate the weeds in two beds' that have become too weedy to plant into since we tilled.  Next to him, notice the solid green strip, and the beets I was rescue weeding.  The front of that row is not worth weeding, not only is it solid, but it was the earliest planting and as our lettuce was so slow getting started, its time has passed, anyhow (as in, even if we HAD weeded it, it would be too big to be mixed with the lettuce now anyhow-- so, cut our losses and move on, no harm done!).  You wouldn't catch me on a tractor, but I'm happiest harvesting or weeding, luckily there is lots of both to come with this project!  I secretly like when the weeds are gigantic because it makes it look like you've made a lot of progress-- except that you don't, and it takes FOREVER.  Anyhow, in 4 hours on Sunday we got lots of progress made on the weeds and a game plan for the next rounds of weeding.

We also did some transplanting last week, which generally means that we're starting seeds for more transplants, as this is a continual harvest project.  We decided to move our transplants from the greenhouse because we were unhappy with some of the signs of stress on the most recent batch-- They look like they are getting too hot and not being watered evenly, and taking over care of the transplants at the farm would be too much-- Require us to be checking less than 10 trays multiple times a day including if we want a day off.  So, we are starting them at home, and have had good success so far-- Germination is about 25% better than the most recent batch, and it's really just getting too hot for lettuce in the greenhouse, so we're glad we decided to bring some farm home with us.  Here's the newly germinated lettuce babies on our front porch:

Jon's been keeping up his end of the plan astoundingly well thus far, and I feel like I haven't been keeping up my end of the bargain, so look for much more frequent blog posts from now on! 

So, here's a couple more shots of the fields:


Now, to devolve into a stream of gorgeous photos of lettuce (again!!):

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