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Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We found this in the salad mix patch today... Trouble!  This little kitty has definite symptoms of distemper.  We don't really expect him to live, so we are trying not to get too attached (but he's in our house and we are feeding him with an eyedropper and his name is Samson!!). 

He's really sweet, but is dehydrated and lethargic.  Trying to get as much water as possible into the little guy.  If he makes it, we are not allowed to have cats and so I have him in mind for the mouse issue in my office.  Office kitten!  That reminds me of one of my favourite proposals ever: Proposal for Office Kittens.  Maybe I'll be drafting up my own soon.  :)

Today in the salad patch we did some of everything-- harvest, weeding, transplanting, seeding, and flea beetle treatment.  For most of the transplanting I had a little shadow that wasn't much help, but was sure cute!!

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