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The first transplants!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

This is it!  The little piece of land Jon and I have rented to use this season to grow salad mix.  Jon has been staying after hours for the past week to get things ready to go: he tilled after the nutriwave (fertilizer) was spread & laid black plastic in preparation for us to transplant last night.  We put in 4-1/2 trays, 4 of lettuce (salanova) and 1/2 of the nagoya garnish red kale.  Mother nature even watered for us last night!

Jon grew the most gorgeous transplants I've ever seen!  We were maybe a week behind in planting them, so some of the varieties were a little big, but that's how she goes with farming-- working in reality, not ideal.  In general, we are a couple of weeks behind where we thought we'd be at this point, so our plan is revised to a shorter season (were hoping for 20 weeks of production in the planning stages).  Which is fine, because it possibly means I won't be harvesting salad in my wedding dress!

Here's some farmer porn shots of the transplants:

Whoot, whoot!


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