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Sorting out the season

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

In the absence of a lovely photo of Jon and I working on the computer to finish up our accounting for the season, here's a photo of something else we grew this fall-- A Samson!!

This week we attended the ACORN Conference in Halifax.  This is always a really good way to reflect and re-invigorate about what we are doing, so we finally sat down and finished up our records for the year and worked out our cost of production.  We are waiting to sit down with Trish and Josh from TapRoot to confirm all the numbers, but so far with all that we can account for, our cost of production (INCLUDING labour cost for Jon and I at $13/hr) is around $6/lb, and our average price per lb was $7.34/lb, leaving us a tidy little profit margin per lb of about 17.5% (subject to change depending on if there is anything that comes out different than our best guess for cost).  Of course, we plan to put all the profit back into the company, as well as our wages for the first season.  That leaves us a little egg to start next year with, and so we are thrilled with this result, and excited to continue growing the business next year.

Plans for the winter include looking at farms in the area to buy.  Also, I have signed up for a Market Manager course which begins in a little over a week.  I am celebrating my 30th birthday in Manitoba in a couple weeks, a trip I am really looking forward to.  When I return, we will start looking at the ever-increasing stack of glossy seed catalogs which have started rolling in (yesterday I got a copy of Johnny's latest catalog, hand-delivered by the Canadian rep who was in town for the ACORN conference, woo hoo!).  Jon will travel to Calgary sometime to visit our new nephew Caeden -- I would have loved to go as well, but need the break and MB visit more right now.  We are sticking around NS for Christmas this year, and I will pick up some extra hours helping in the packing shed at Noggins over the holidays.

We are spending the day building a cat tower for Samson.  He's pretty much chewed and clawed his cardboard house to shreds with his bountiful kitten energy, and we can't think of a better project for a cold Sunday in November!  :)

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