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Some more photos

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

--> Farmer Jon inspecting our brassica crop, under row cover to protect from the rampant flea beetle.  We will need to replant some.  :(










<-- Jon collecting trays for transplanting from the greenhouse







We've run into a rather disappointing cutworm issue.  There is a whole section of red butter lettuce that has been munched.  Yesterday I replaced all the transplants that had been hammered by cutworms.  First, it requires pulling out the dead or damaged transplant and finding the damn worm that feasted on it.  After he is squashed, it is safe to put in another transplant.  I replaced the holes with a frisee type instead of the butter type lettuce, as they seem to prefer the butter lettuce (so do I, go figure!!).  Here's one culprit, shortly before he met his maker.  :)


Field view, from the tractor seat (I had to hold my foot on the brake so the tractor wouldn't roll down the hill while Jon got the flame weeder set up).  Cheetah, Orina, and Shirley Jr. will have babies at any time, you can see them in their pasture next to the field.

Jon flame weeding in the background, while I transplanted.


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