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Princess Mix and August Burnout Time

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Jon called me over to the latest mizuna planting last night: "It looks like a seed catalog over here!"

A pound of what I call our "princess mix" went to a dinner for Justin Trudeau on Sunday-- Only baby leaves, hand picked, with edible flowers.  So, that guy has eaten our salad-- More importantly, hundreds of bags a week are consumed by wonderful Nova Scotians who support us.  They may not be highfalutin politicians, but they eat our salad each week and are the bread and butter of our business.  So, rather than go on and on about some dude I don't know who ate our salad, I'd rather say THANK YOU to all of those who buy it faithfully each week from our various retailers and restaurants. 

We are happy with our production, everything is running smoothly and we are selling every ounce that we harvest.  I've been really busy at work lately and clocking some extra hours, so Jon has been doing most of the production work lately.  Here's our salad schedule:

Sunday: 4-6 hours weeding, transplanting, seeding, tilling, etc.  Harvest, wash, and bag for Monday orders

Tuesday: 2 hours in evening harvesting or planting

Wednesday: 2 hours in morning before work, 4 hours after work harvesting and washing

Thursday: Bagging for 4 hours (Jon: 2 because he starts work at 8)

Friday: Harvest in evening and wash (2 - 4 hrs)

Saturday: Bag order for Noggins in am and deliver (2 hrs)

On top of our full-time+ jobs, this is a lot of extra time in our week: 15-20 hours each, depending on what needs to be done and the weather-- We shift our harvest when possible to avoid inclement weather and/or heat, and have been really lucky and only had to harvest in light rain once, on the first week!.  We are tired, but motivated by how much we love what we're doing!  And, Samson Salad Mix has been a great addition to the salad team.  He follows us most everywhere we go and brings us lots of joy with his hilarious kitten antics and adorableness.  :)

I find myself looking forward to November a lot lately.  This is something that not all farmers share, maybe not all feel it, but I know a lot do: August burnout time.  By August, farmers are tired and there is still a big part of the harvest season to come.  It's like talking to me Thursday night at 6:15, right before market is finished: I've already been at it for over 12 hours and worked my butt off, but I still have to load and come home and unload, so at 6:15 I always feel like I can't go on for 3 more hours, but then I do and by the time I get home I feel great and have a strong sense of satisfaction, having gotten the job done for another week.  So, we're pushing through with our exhausted minds and bodies, and will come out on the other side somehow, with energy to carry on until the frost saves us from our salad duties!

Happy Thursday!  Off to market I go... 11 hours left in the day.  :)

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