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Opportunities for farmer's professional development

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

This week I attended a workshop about online marketing called "The Connected Farmer" with Nancy Beth of Sweet Spot Marketing (photo right).  The workshop was targeted specifically to farmers, and I was able to pick up tons of tips, support, and tricks to improve the farm's online presence, for the cost of $23, which was well worth the provided lunch alone, never mind the content of the workshop!

Jon and I are continually amazed at the opportunities for professional development in the region where we live.  Also this week we attended an information session on the Homegrown Success program, and this morning we are heading out with some friends to attend a mentor-mentee meeting at the Agricultural Centre in Kentville, just down the road.  Below is a photo of Jon at November's ACORN conference.

Living in a buzzing agricultural area has great benefits to young farmers like Jon and I.  Also, because we work with a team of other people that are able to shift around if needed, we are able to attend more events, workshops, and conferences than if we were just doing things alone.  Plus, we are continually surrounded by peers, colleagues, and mentors whom we can run ideas by, talk about plans, and learn from.

We are thrilled to be here, working in Nova Scotia on an organic farm, learning and growing all the time!  The other day as I rushed off to my workshop, Jon whipped by on the gator from feeding the chickens, and we leaned in for a kiss on the way by.  It was a moment where I realized how thankful I am for all that we have in our lives: surrounded by wonderful people, opportunities to grow and develop our skills, and best of all, I get to do it all with my best friend in the whole world!


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