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October 19th

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

It's been a busy fall, but when is fall not busy as a farmer?

After a bit of a scare last week, I am taking some time and space and resources to sort out my health.  Since finding out in May that I have "IBS" (basically a catch-all term for digestive issues, doctors use it because they aren't equipped to actually help you sort it out), I've been putting off sorting it out until November.  Well, I didn't quite make it until then, had a fainting episode and a bad fall last week.  All is well, and Samson kept me company for the day and a half I spent in bed (photo left).  He's growing so quickly and is such a great addition to our family.

Jon did last week's salad harvest all by himself, and had to take half a day off work to do it.  We still have supply and I'm honestly surprised, so we keep filling orders until the snow flies I guess!

Sometimes when we harvest salad we have an audience --> 

Luckily, these pigs are smart enough to stay on their side of the fence most of the time, or they would suffer the fate of dear Cheetah!  Total of 4 pig escapes into the salad patch this season.  We are working hard at plans for next year and hope to mitigate our risks by not being so close to pigs.  See their mouths watering over our yummy salad, so close and so tantalizing??

I've been taking a very needed break from social media and email for the past 8 weeks.  I of course see the importance of it, I just needed a mental break from the constant and always-on-internet.  Not having a work email is great and the way I'd like to keep it.  I appreciate blogging because it also creates a record of photos and stories, and is less "out there" than facebook and other outlets.  We have more demand for salad than we can meet, and so this blog is really more of a record of our season than it is a promotional piece (and as I planned at the beginning of the season, it will be self-published as a tangible record for Jon and I-- I mean, an actual physical photobook that we will keep forever and remember our first year as husband and wife in the salad patch).  My work for Noggins on the other hand, is in dire need of me to start ramping up on social media, so I will soon re-enter that yucky space.  When will we come to our senses and start experiencing life in the real world?  Jon often talks about new human achievements as pendulum shifts, and I feel like the social media world is all to the extreme and has yet to settle somewhere more realistic in the middle.  Hopefully something comes along and wipes it all out so that we realize what a house of cards our precious online lives really are.  Until then, I will keep blogging... I guess!

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