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My Local Food Movement

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

When I was 15, my Mom started a market garden business.  She planted vegetables and when there was enough to harvest, we washed and bagged them and took them to the local Farmer's Market.  Since that very first moment, Farmer's Markets have been an important part of my life.  Even while attending University in Calgary, I would come home in the summer and help Mom with her market.  Later, I found a job managing an organic stall at the Calgary Farmer's Market, which is where I got to develop my skills creating displays ( 2011), at the same time running a busy high-volume market stall and managing staff.  After moving to Nova Scotia, I have been a part of a few different markets-- most recently the Hammonds Plains Farmer's Market on Kearney Lake Road on Thursdays-- and find that it's where I'm most inspired and excited about the local food movement, and can let my passion for food, people, and gorgeous local produce really come out.


So, on that note, an opportunity has opened up at Noggins and I have decided to make a shift -- MY local food movement --  to working there and doing markets. Those of you who have seen me each week at the Hammonds Plains Market will continue to see me there as well as various other market locations for Noggins, including Seaport and Friday Pop-Ups. I'm excited and looking forward to challenging myself with new experiences and being a part of the farm team at Noggins!


Thanks to everyone at TapRoot for a great two years! I'll miss all the great folks I work with at the farm, and I'm sad to be leaving the CSA desk, especially all the members I have gotten to know-- some even to the point that I consider you friends!-- but, we'll cross paths as I'll still be most places that TapRoot produce is... And, that's a good place to be! :)


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