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Highland Ave micro-farm and tropical cyclone

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We are growing our transplants at home now, and though we were worried about being away from them all day, it has been massively hot all week and watering before we leave for work and as soon as we get home has been enough.  They look GREAT.  Jon jokes that it's like having a micro farm.  Each morning he feeds the rabbits and waters the transplants... All 4 trays!  Our next round is being seeded today, as it's a storm day here.  Last night we battened down the hatches on our field, i.e. took off all the row cover so it didn't end up in a tree.  Initially they were calling for 120 mm of rain here, but the forecast now says mostly wind-- strong winds gusting up to 120 km/h.  

Below: Jon putting row cover in our trunk last night, and the storm before the storm - big rain and thunder and lightning last night.

  Stay safe & dry, and we'll hope the salad mix patch makes it through today!  :)

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