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Design beginnings

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We have been working on our design for a while now, and I've finally found a direction we're both happy with.

This image is important to us.  It harkens to the importance of "roots", as in us returning to the East Coast to Jon's roots, my roots growing and finding my passion in Manitoba, the business beginning as an incubator project at TapRoot Farms. 

I have a special love for the radish, it being the first really exciting spring crop.  After weeks of greens and herbs, you pull up this exciting colourful root crop, take it to market and all the customers share the same excitement.  The image of the radish reminds me of the pure enjoyment and wonder my Mom and I would have each year in the fields in Manitoba.  It's something I look forward to getting back to soon.

In 2010, I had this image tattooed on me, for the same nostalgic reasons.  It reminded me about what drives my passion, even though at that time I was working in retail.  We are hoping to work with our friend Sarah at Off Beet Farm / Fisherforsure on the final design, but want this to be part of it (Ironically, though I got to know Sarah through TapRoot, Sarah's husband Jamie and Jon went to high school together, and had some of the same friends.  Small, small world!)

Here's the original design by Darren Parnell at Eternal Image Tattoo in Calgary.  I'm not a huge fan of tattoos overall, but still LOVE this piece of art that is on my body! 

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