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Chasing Salad

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We delivered 150 bags of salad to Noggins on Thursday morning last week.  I snapped this photo, and then realized that I would be spending the next 3 days following this salad to markets in and around the HRM. 

First, the Hammonds Plains Market, later that same day as the salad is bagged: (see it on the right, beside the red pepper basket).  I get home from that market at around 9:30 and then the next morning Dorothy and I depart the farm by 6 am for her to do her two markets and drop me off for QEII.  Here's the salad mix in front of the till, for sale at QEII:










The final place I follow salad is Seaport market on Saturdays (with the bright-and-early start of 4:30 am).  Occasionally the girls will mention, "That's the farmer who grows this salad mix" and I'll get to wave to someone or chat about what the mix contains.  It's neat to be part of the marketing team at Noggins now and to follow the salad as it makes its way into the world and into people's fridges!


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