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Can you guess what this photo is of?

Posted on by Teri Jenkins


The answer:

Vibrant Nagoya Garnish Red Kale going for a spin dry in the bright orange salad spinner:

Another Thursday harvest done for the week.  I try to blog each week before I head to market, after bagging salad.  This week was a little different than usual, because Jon and I stayed at The Walden Camp at the farm with Samson (who disappeared last night but is already back, and yes, the Fred Penner song is stuck in my head now).  It was awesome and felt like we were out in the woods camping-- we finish so late on Wednesdays anyhow I figured: why go home?  We relaxed by the fire for a few hours and then caught a few hours' nap before getting up and walking the 2 minutes to the farmhouse to bag salad this morning. 

We got an order yesterday from Michael Howell who is serving Justin Trudeau on Monday.  So, on Sunday we are harvesting for a potential future leader of the country, how exciting!  :)


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