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Busy at planning

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We've been buried in seed orders, production plans, work schedules, budgets, and lists of things we need to purchase all week.  Today we were researching lease agreements, and found this gem:

Checklist of Discussion Points between Landowner and Landuser

(from linking land and farmers -, a great site in itself)

We thought this was a great tool-- we are not yet sure if we are going to draw up a full lease, but we at least want to make sure the four of us have discussed these points and that everything is comfortable for all involved before we start.

This week is Scotia Horticultural Congress, and so I've been busy volunteering as well (we plan this all year, and this is crunch time).  Today Jon and I spent a few hours at the office getting the name badges finished and loading things into vehicles.  Tomorrow bright and early I'll be at the registration desk, and Freggie is coming along, too.  :)

A reminder to not take life too seriously!  -->

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