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Market Manager Course

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

This winter, I am taking a Farmer's Market Manager course offered through Farmer's Markets of Nova Scotia.  Yesterday concluded the second of 4 sessions that will happen this winter.  In addition to the great material being covered and the wonderful instructor Michelle Wolf of Whole Green Heart, the course is a great opportunity to network with other Market managers and board members in the province.  One person I have met in the course is Catherine, the market manager for the Kentville Farmer's Market.  In the past, I was always working Wednesdays and so couldn't make it to this market, but seeing Catherine yesterday was a great reminder to shop local on Wednesdays from 10 - 2. 

Here's Samson inspecting the haul of goodies this morning!  It was nice to be a shopper rather than always a vendor, and to get veggies from different farmers than I usually do (Emily TeBogt and DK Fairn Farm), and to connect with a great local market in my neighbourhood!

January Planning

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

This is one of my favourite photos, which I dug up by googling it on the internet.  Have you ever Googled yourself?  It's rather alarming, never mind when you're trying to find a specific photo. 

Anyhow, here's Jon and I last winter, planning and creating a seed order (specifically, doing the required "seed search" that the organic certification requires) for TapRoot Farms.  I've never met a farmer who doesn't love the winter, time spent poring over glossy seed catalogs and planning for next season.  A good season starts with well-laid plans, and that's what we are doing right now.  We are communicating with various retailers/wholesalers who will carry our produce to see what they want to buy, so we can plan what to grow and how much.  Salad mix will definitely continue next year, and there will be more crops, too.

Hope you are cozy this Sunday, thinking warm thoughts and enjoying life!

Happy Holidays 2014

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Went digging on my old PC for this-- Like, really digging.  All the way back to 2007, when this card was created.  The following year, it became part of a 4-card set, which I sold due to popular demand, and the year after that the card sales went towards my Ride to Conquer Cancer

Anyhow, it's the all-time most popular Xmas card, and here it is from Jon and I, wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and merriest Xmas possible!  We'll be drooling over seed catalogs and getting our order ready, as well as feasting on yummy local xmas veggies, turkey, and chocolates-- Gotta fatten up for that busy season, always looming around the corner!

Before and After

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Here's one I dug up from the Blog archives -->

From our second night transplanting back on May 24.  How bright eyed and bushy tailed we were!  This was pre-wedding, so looking back on this photo is neat because so much has happened since then!  We were on the cusp of big changes and didn't know for sure what would come of those little plants behind us.

Flash forward to Oct. 29, 5 months later and so much has happened in between, though you'd hardly know from the photo!  I like to think we look a little tired and I KNOW the smiles are for a different reason: this was post-bagging for the final time, so they are smiles mixed with the relief of being done for the season! 

We have confirmed plans to farm at Waxwing Farm next year, and are working on a list of crops and determining markets for our crops.  I will maintain full-time employment at Noggins and Jon will put all his efforts towards our growing.  Fun for him and I can't wait until I can join him full-time  :). 

Our careful steps towards our goal are part of our plans to create a successful and sustainable business for ourselves.  We know very specifically what we are looking for in a farm and will know if when we find it, and so in the meantime we are being creative about ways to work towards that goal without actually owning a farm (yet).

Thanks for reading!

Facebook... I will try not to rant. :)

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We have a new Facebook page.  I decided to start one now as I have a bit more time now that salad is done... for connecting with people and networking, as I no longer use Facebook personally.  To avoid ranting as promised: Enough said!

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