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Storm, Day 2

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Yesterday Jon and I were scheduled to work at the Seaport market, but the market was closed and luckily we didn't even have to attempt to go, so we got a snow day at home together.  This morning, after about 6 hours of shoveling, we finally unearthed the sidewalk, driveway, car and the Zippy van.  I enjoyed the day off yesterday as I was tired and not feeling great, but today I have been cooking and baking up a storm.  The fridge is full of food after Jon prepared a Valentine's Day gourmet feast on Saturday night:

(roasted glazed ham, the best roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts with bacon, glazed carrots, garlic cheese toast, arugula, pea shoot, pomegranate and proscuitto salad, and Al's Fireside Cafe carrot cake for dessert!  Wow! And a handmade valentine... I am spoiled.)

Here's some photos of the snow... It's the most snow I've ever seen in my life.  And I'm from Manitoba!! 

I baked cookies (used the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip package), and for lunch made a garlic ham cheese toast and curried buttercup squash soup.  The ham bone will be made into my favourite-- Split Pea soup-- this afternoon.

I'll post the recipe for the squash soup next!

Happy Snow Day (the FOURTH one we've had this year, fortunately I have only missed one day of work, but Jon has missed all 4)!!

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