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Before and After

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Here's one I dug up from the Blog archives -->

From our second night transplanting back on May 24.  How bright eyed and bushy tailed we were!  This was pre-wedding, so looking back on this photo is neat because so much has happened since then!  We were on the cusp of big changes and didn't know for sure what would come of those little plants behind us.

Flash forward to Oct. 29, 5 months later and so much has happened in between, though you'd hardly know from the photo!  I like to think we look a little tired and I KNOW the smiles are for a different reason: this was post-bagging for the final time, so they are smiles mixed with the relief of being done for the season! 

We have confirmed plans to farm at Waxwing Farm next year, and are working on a list of crops and determining markets for our crops.  I will maintain full-time employment at Noggins and Jon will put all his efforts towards our growing.  Fun for him and I can't wait until I can join him full-time  :). 

Our careful steps towards our goal are part of our plans to create a successful and sustainable business for ourselves.  We know very specifically what we are looking for in a farm and will know if when we find it, and so in the meantime we are being creative about ways to work towards that goal without actually owning a farm (yet).

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