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Seeds are planted!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Last weekend I moved into a new office at the Canard Farm, and Jon planted our first seeds for salad mix production this year.  He planted 4 trays of Salanova lettuce, 1-1/2 trays of kale, and 1/2 tray of red leaf vegetable amaranth.  We have chosen varieties based on making a nice looking mix and spending as little time possible growing it as we both will maintain full-time jobs this year, and there's only so much energy to go around!

The seeds for the Salanova are coated with a clay, as lettuce seeds are so tiny and these are really intended for transplanting.  It grows a head of baby leaves, so when the core is removed you are left with hearty, small leaves.  I've always secretly detested the tasteless salad mix of sad little limp lettuce leaves from the grocery store, so that's another reason why we chose it, the main reason being that it's the easiest/quickest way we can grow and harvest this crop.  It's all about expediting the process (on that note, I have removed a word from my vocabulary this week: EXPEDIATE.  I looked it up because it was underlined, and learned that even though I use it all the time, it's not really an official word, just an archaic misspelling of "expedite".  Learning all the time!).

That's all I have to say about seeding.  It's really Jon's realm: mine is blogging.  That's why we make such a good farming team, I guess!  He loves to tend plants and help them grown (from seeding to transplanting to weeding and cultivating), and I'm more of an "end product" kind of farmer.  I am great at managing harvest, post harvest handling, marketing, and sales.

The seeds have emerged as of yesterday, and so more about that next week!

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