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An exciting opportunity in the works

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Yesterday morning we headed 24 minutes west to our friends Dave and Kim's farm- Waxwing Farm in Windermere.  They decided to take a break from farming this year, and so they have gorgeous, thoughtfully laid out and well-cared for certified organic farmland for rent next season.  They are continuing to live on the land and so we are exploring this as a site for Jon and Teri's Farm to be based for next year-- we would commute from New Minas.  There are a number of challenges and risks to consider, so we are carefully considering and exploring markets and what types of crops there is demand for without stepping on anyone's toes-- We are sensitive to the fact that Josh and Patricia at TapRoot have been incredibly generous and supportive of us the past 2 years, so we are looking to complement their organic selection, not compete.

Dave and Kim are great folks, and we know that we have similar values, lots in common, and good communication, so this is a really special opportunity for us.  We feel ready to go for it, but it is scary to think about only having one outside farming income next season.  However, we think this is a really smart way to get started and begin to acquire some of the needed equipment and infrastructure for our future farm, without having to buy a farm yet.  By saving ourselves the outlay of cash that would mean for now, we can work on establishing crops and markets that work for us and be in a stronger place when we find our farm.  We know it's out there, waiting for the right moment, and we are hungry to reach our goals.

On a side note, I have been LOVING it at my new job, and have a work blog too:  It fits well with what I want my schedule to be like, and my personality and energy level is well-suited to it, as is my skill set and expertise.  I absolutely LOVE being at market, and I like the driving and logistics and promotion as well.  It gives me a good opportunity on the front lines to see what people are after and what sells in NS.  And, it offers a lot more independence and flexibility, which is great... a move I should have made long ago!

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