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Coming to an end for 2014

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Since changing jobs, our salad harvest schedule has adapted a bit.  I now have Wednesdays off, which means I can spend the whole day harvesting and save us the evening and Thursday mornings being so full, which is nice.  Last week the sun came out when I was harvesting Nagoya red kale, and it looked so pretty that I snapped this photo. 

Salad is winding down, as is my patience for it. :)  We will be somewhat glad to take it off the schedule for winter, though we'll just be on to the next thing I'm sure.  Last winter my goals included improving my financial management skills and starting our business: this winter's will be things in that same vein, and hopefully removing ourselves from the paid workforce very soon.  We (especially me) are tired of putting all of our hearts and efforts into other people's farms.  I'm happy at Noggins and happy with my current role, but only as happy as any entrepreneur can be working for someone... It is time to dive in.


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