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Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

My Mom and I are cut from the same cloth, and despite the distance, we are still closely connected.  When I was growing up, my Dad was wholly consumed with getting his business established-- He started it earlier the same year that I was born.  That meant that I spent a lot of time with my Mom, and as she is a teacher she had summers off and made lots of efforts to take us camping and to the park and fill the long summer days with fun activities and memories.  My childhood memories are mostly of my Mom and I doing things together.

Through this-- or, maybe, in spite of this!-- we formed a deep bond.  My Mom and I can communicate an entire story through a look, or I can know exactly what she's thinking or what she needs from her body language.  We have always worked together in a way I imagine it must be like to have an identical twin-- little verbal communication required, our ideas are always complementary and on the same page as the other person's, and when she turns around needing a hand with something I am already there, and vice versa.  She still says I am her best helper and wishes I was farming in Manitoba with her.  There are a few people in my life that I have worked this well with, and I am glad to say that my husband Jon is one of them!

So, I was not surprised this morning to find an email from Mom with photos of the largest carrots harvested this year.  I just finished posting a photo of a very large (nearly 1 lb) organic Honeycrisp apple on my Noggins blog.  I don't know who started the tradition of putting very large vegetables on the scale and snapping a photo, but we both still do this today.  I was proud to see her use of the word "Horker" as well, as I have found that many of my expressions are Manitoba-isms, and so I get questioned a lot as to what I mean by a "horker" (I looked it up and it is not officially a word... Not in the meaning that we use, anyhow).  Living in Nova Scotia is the first time I have felt a little bit like a foreigner, which makes me really, really proud to be Manitoban, with my funny accent and weird words and expressions... and a bit nostalgic for a place where I can describe my day as "no hell" and people will know what I mean.

IKpFYQ7N_OGZYj4SBLACCahkKMriC-Rmh3aQ4duXTomorrow is Mom's birthday, and so I wanted to write this post to say Happy Birthday and share that even though we are half of Canada away, we are still on the same page, and delighting in the same things.  I love you Mom!

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