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Eat. Sleep. Work. Salad. Repeat!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Nothing more satisfying than a freshly weeded field!  Here's the next two plantings of salad "extras".  Production is FINALLY where we want it to be-- we played catch up for about a month after the wedding, due to the fact that we didn't stay on schedule during that hectic time.  I'm really proud of the efforts that we have been putting in, and staying on top of things is so much more motivating than being behind!

On this bed, we had some post-tropical-storm-Arthur damage.  We removed the row cover (so Arthur didn't remove it for us!), but by the time it was back on, flea beetles had moved in.  The earlier planting of extras is pretty lacy, as in hole-riddled.  We planned that we would spray if need be, and so we had to last week.  The spray is called Entrust and is approved for use on organics.  We treat it as a band-aid when our production plan runs into issues, but would prefer to not use it if the row cover is adequate.  Decisions, decisons!

On the bed above, Jon planted 2 weeks ago.  Last week, he planted the second half and wheel-hoed the first planting.  Yesterday he wheel-hoed both plantings and I in-row weeded the entire patch.  This is how we planned to manage weed control, so it's really nice that we have achieved a good system.  Good systems make everything run smoothly and maximize all of our efforts, which with our schedules these days is really important.

Eat. Sleep. Work. Salad.  Repeat!  :)

We've been really thrilled with our relationship with the market/restaurant in Port Williams, The Noodle Guy.  Ross is serving our salad and taking orders twice a week, as well as having it for sale in his store.  One of these less crazy days we're going to get over there for lunch and have our salad served to us!  A blogging opportunity for sure.  More soon!

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