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First harvest and First customer!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

We harvested our first salad mix this week!  We will be supplying our wholesale markets next week and so we wanted to do some trials on harvesting to make sure that we are on target for what we committed to supplying.  Harvest was quicker than expected, and the mix is even more gorgeous than our wildest dreams!  We are using a special lettuce developed by Johnny's Seeds called Salanova.  It grows heads of lettuce that are basically heads of small leaves once the core is cut out.  That makes for a heartier lettuce with lots of flavour and crunch!  We also have lots of colorful greens, like Nagoya kale, red leaf amaranth; baby kales; and just the right mix of mild mustards and arugula to make the flavours pop.  It holds it's own pretty well in a salad bowl without any additions-- That's how we've been eating it all week!

Our first harvest went to our first customer, my dear friend Heather.  Heather owns Pie R Squared and had a catering for 100 people on Tuesday.  She served her clients Jon and Teri's first harvest!  She was so excited for our greens, she opened the box and dug right in!  Here's Heather, loving our salad as much as we do!

Woot woot!!

Our salad is being marketed by the wonderful and amazing Allison Grant of Southfield Organics (  I'm so glad we are working with a wholesaler, it means we don't have to go out and find customers, we just fill the orders.  I love chefs and produce departments, but I do not have time to grow salad mix AND market it, so we are grateful that there is someone like Allison who appreciates gorgeous local organic produce. 

Things are good and we are stoked!

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